Washable Breast Pads

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Washable Breast Pads

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Washable Baby Breastfeeding Pads

Our Washable Nursing Breast Pads provide more confidence throughout the day. Comes with a compact-sized moist bag for changing your reusable motherhood pads throughout the day, while on the go.

These breast pads are shaped to be super absorbent and to keep the milk away from your skin. Reusable Breast Nursing Pads are the most suitable nursing pads.

Washable Baby Breastfeeding Pads can be reused day after day, saving your money and decreasing waste. Completely machine washes and falls dry between uses.

These breast pads highlight a clever contoured pattern to fit easily and discreetly in your nursing bras. Perfect gift for moms, also you can gift to your siblings, cousin, etc.

Waterproof 3 Layers Cotton Breast Pads protect your nursing bra and shirt from leaks.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Type: Nursing Pad
  • Features: Breathable, Ultra Thin, Ultra Soft
  • Quantity: 12Pcs
  • Color: White
  • Size: 10cm
  • Weight: 3g
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