Toy Educational Montessori Rainbow Building

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Toy Educational Montessori Rainbow Building

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Toy Educational Montessori Rainbow Building

Unlike Montessori building blocks, domed dome building blocks offer unusual play and possibilities. It can be used alone and with other toys, such as dolls, rainbows, pavement blocks, building bricks, carpet puzzles, etc. Involve your imagination in creating bridges, houses, tunnels, hills, fences, gates, beds etc.

General ability development Rainbow building block archery can stimulate children's awareness of challenges and develop hands-on abilities, enhance creativity, perseverance and perseverance, and improve fine motor skills visual and colour spatial abilities. The material is strong and easy to adjust, ensuring that even the largest blocks of the rainbow won't break easily.

Arranging and constructing can stimulate thinking skills and help children see and connect abstract concepts or actual relationships between pictures and concrete things. When children play alone, Stacking Balance Game is a good toy that improves their patience and develops independent thinking and logical thinking skills. Toys are fun and can keep your child entertained for hours!

  • Compared with the Wooden Rainbow Stacker, the silicone material has no risk of paint dropping and paint damage and is not easy to break. 
  • Every child loves to stack or nest rainbow puzzles or use them as open-ended toys.
  • Perfect for all occasions: parties, birthdays, holidays, Christmas and more.
  • Rainbow tunnel toy block Building Game help children to cultivate their imagination, creativity, coordination, also recognize and establish.


  • Type: DIY Educational Toys
  • Type: Compatible With lego Duplo
  • Style: Rainbow building blocks
  • Material: Silicone

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