Stroller Baby Toy Hanging Star

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Stroller Baby Toy Hanging Star

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Soft Plush Stroller Baby Toy

Our Star Stroller Toys is designed with plush cloth, which is super soft, non-irritating fabric, no lint, no fluorescent agent, safe and reliable. This Hanging Star Toy has a built-in wind chime and music box, and when you shake it, the music will ring, vivid, with a rich level of sense. The Soft Plush Rattle Baby Toys will help the baby calm herself during a cranky time.

This Stroller Rattle Toys built-in coin cell battery, durable, can replace the button battery, can be reused multiple times. The strollers, and baby cots, suitable for the baby's mastery to naturally nurture the baby's tactile sensory and hand-eye coordination skills. This Crib Hanging Toy is excellent for infants, can be hung in the stroller seat, stroller and crib, baby stroller, and bed, and can also be used as an ornament at home.


  • Material: Plush Cloth
  • Shape: Cartoon
  • Features: Soft, Stuffed, Musical

Stroller Baby Toy Hanging StarStroller Baby Toy Hanging StarStroller Baby Toy Hanging Star

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