Pregnant Car Seat Belt

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Pregnant Car Seat Belt

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Our Pregnant Seat Belt Provides a Comfortable and Safe Driving Experience

The Car Belt Adjuster is especially dedicated to women's pregnant belly bump, transfers the force acting on the abdomen to the thigh, which makes the abdomen more comfortable, and protects the unborn baby.

It makes the belt sit across the belt, instead of over the belly which creates much pain for growing bellies. This Pregnancy Belt allows pregnant drivers to focus on driving, as well as makes pregnant passengers more comfortable and safer.

This Pregnancy Seat Belt can be fastened tightly in the car seat, and it's not movable, and no matter you are petite/skinny, or full-figured. It doesn’t take additional time to unstrap and re-strap so that it is more useful for daily use.

This Pregnancy Bump Belt Adjuster is also perfect for people who suitable for anyone having had abdominal or stomach surgery, cesarean section, medical ports, or procedures to the midsection. This belt adjuster can completely decrease abdominal discomfort and pain.


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