Kangobaby Soft Cotton Baby Swaddle

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Kangobaby Soft Cotton Baby Swaddle

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Kangobaby Soft Cotton Baby Swaddle

The Infant Baby Swaddle Blanket is made of 100% premium cotton which is beautiful, lightweight, and breathable. The lightweight material prevents overheating, your baby feels more comfortable and warm.
The adjustable sleep bags have soft fabric wings that fasten securely with hook and loop attachments to make a perfect fit. The Cotton Swaddle makes a womb-like feeling and stops the startle reflex, providing your baby to sleep through the night.

Our Adjustable Baby Swaddling Blanket Wrap is perfect for babies, newborns. Your baby sleeps longer and more soundly with our adjustable swaddle blankets. Your baby stays securely swaddled and won’t squirm out, so you can rest easy knowing your kids sleep safely.
This is a Multi-Purpose Baby Swaddle Blanket that can also be used as receiving blanket, cuddle blanket, nursing cover, sunscreen cover for strollers, burp cloths, car seat cover, play mat, changing pad, mini crib sheet, and so on.
  • Material: Cotton / Bamboo Fiber
  • size: 120*120
  • Material: 70% bamboo + 30% cotton 
  • Size:120cmx120cm 
  • Suitable Weight: Every baby 
  • Certification: SGS / CPSIA 
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