Electric Baby Breastfeeding Bottle Breast Pump

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Electric Baby Breastfeeding Bottle Breast Pump

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Electric Breast Pump

The Electric Breast Pump is very lightweight, easy to grip, and tubeless. The milk pump is very convenient, you can pump anywhere and anytime. Enjoy the free time of breastfeeding. In addition, the electric pump can be recharged by USB. It is very convenient to carry, even work or go on a trip.

Milk Feeding Pump is made of soft silicone, very safe for the human body. Detachable and easy to clean accessories. The anti-reflux design prevents breast milk from being contaminated.  It has 2 modes. Portable milk expression mode that mimics the baby's actual sucking frequency. The massage mode stimulates the breasts before pumping to help achieve fast, comfortable, and pain-free suction. 

The portable electric breast pump uses a closed system, which keeps the milk completely separated from the pump parts. It's easy to find the right suction power to help you get more milk in less time, giving the new mom more choice and convenience.

  • Mom's best choice smoothly sucked without trouble, safe, comfortable and healthy.do not contain harmful substances.
  • High temperature resistant, easy to clean, safer.
  • Low power, little vibration, low noise, smooth running.Small and light, easy to store and carry while going out.


  • Type: Breast Pump
  • Material Feature: BPA Free PVC Free Latex Free
  • Material: P.P.
  • Age Range: Maternity
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