Baby Education Bath Book

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Baby Education Bath Book

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Baby Bath Books

Our Baby Bath Books for the brilliantly colored pages, fun clear graphics, solidly stitched construction, crinkly fabric pages, and grabbable size that young babies love.

The Bath Books will entertain children while giving them a head start on learning. These are easy to clean and do not take long to dry.

Bath Education Baby Books are colorful and waterproof books, make bath time more fun. Your baby will enjoy fun bath time 'reading' with this delightful waterproof bath book featuring bright pages filled with colourful pictures.

We can read these books with our little baby one, lead it to discover new things and explore this new world, teach it how to recognize and speak the words. This Education Baby book gives your child endless hours of fun. You can present for a baby shower or birthday.


  • Type:  Baby Book
  • Age: Babies
  • Size: 14x12cm/5.51x4.72inch
  • Features: Colourful and waterproof 
  • Package Content: 1 x bath book


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