Baby Silicone Bottle Spoon

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Baby Silicone Bottle Spoon

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Baby Bottle Feeder Spoon

Baby Silicone Bottle is made with 100% food grade silicone material. The Silicone Bottle Spoon can assure use and eat happily for the baby, parents have no worry about any negative impact.

This Baby Silicone Bottle Spoon is our most serious effort to provide you safe and secure products.

Our Baby Silicone spoon is a suction cup at the bottom of the bottle; The bottle can be fixed on the table and not easy to dump, not easy to leak.

The Baby Bottle Feeder Spoon comes with a sealing cover to prevent food leakage and facilitate outdoor use.

This also has a dust cover to isolation dust. This simply fills the silicone bottle with the pureed food and gently presses until the desired amount collects on the spoon to feed the baby.

Disassemble the bottle and put it into the water after using.

  • Type: Bottle Spoon
  • Material: Silicone
  • Capacity: 90ML
  • Age group: Babies
  • Package Include: 1 * Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

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