Baby Bottle Holder - Hands Free ™

Baby Bottle Holder - Hands Free ™ - Baby Bubble Store

Baby Bottle Holder - Hands Free ™

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The Easy & Hands-Free Way To Feed Your Baby

Hassle-free Feeding, Solution for Every Parent: Our feeding bottle holder is ideal for all parents who bottle feed. It provides an extra hand, giving you more freedom while bottle feeding the baby, thus enhancing your family time. With Baby Bottle Holder, you are now free to caress your baby, read a book or even enjoy family meals together.

It perfectly balances to sit comfortably and security right where you want it. the rotating bottle holder helps you find the perfect feeding angle, rotates out of the way while burping or playing with your baby, and detaches for easy cleaning.

This anti-slip back long bar projection design, close to the body to prevent falling off. It can well liberate Mother's and dads' hands. Parents are convenient to feed their babies and enjoying food at the same time.

It eliminates the trouble of hand-held feeding and can take good care of the baby. It is simple and convenient to use suitable for most feeding bottles.


Baby Bottle Holder

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