Baby Lounger Nest Bed - Comfy™

Baby Lounger Nest Bed - Comfy™ - Baby Bubble Store

Baby Lounger Nest Bed - Comfy™

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Enjoy Hands-Free Moments with our Boppy Lounger!

Designed to hug your baby’s full body with a super soft and breathable fabric, the Baby Bubble™ Nest Bed creates a safe and comforting space for baby to relax, so you can enjoy some hands-free time.

Baby Lounger Nest Bed Baby Bubble Store


✔️ BRINGS COMFORT & SECURITY - The hugging sensation is highly effective at calming and comforting your baby when you need an extra set of hands.

✔️ PROMOTES GOOD SLEEP - Stimulates the natural senses of your baby - the natural feeling of being protected and comfortable like the miracle of a mother's womb.

✔️ SAFE FOR CO-SLEEPING - The center area is like a nest and slightly suspended giving them the warm feeling of a snuggle and kind protection. It allows parents to co-sleep with their baby comfortably and safely without worrying about suffocation or falls.

✔️ SOOTHES THE BABY IN SECONDS  - Made of 100% soft organic cotton that soothe the baby within seconds, making it comfortable for them to settle in.


Baby Lounger Nest Bed - Comfy™



Portable and lightweight the boppy lounger is the perfect accessory to use inside or outside. 

Take it everywhere with you from the beach to a picnic in the park, the living room, your friends place, or tummy time on the play mat! 

The cover is easily removable without any hassle, so you can machine wash it  whenever it gets dirty or smelly.

An absolute game-changer for any new parent. You can feel relaxed and confident in knowing that your little one will be comfortable in the baby lounger and perfectly safe to rest while you are there.


  • Suitability: 0-12m
  • Cover Material: Organic Cotton
  • Feature: Portable
  • Dimensions: 75cm L x 45cm W x 12cm D
  • Includes: 1 x Baby Bubble™ Nest Bed 

Comes in vacuumed packaging & easy installation. Please allow sometime to get side bumper & mattress in shape.

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