Baby Wood Cotton Doll Crib Bed Rattles

Baby Wood Cotton Doll Crib Bed Rattles | Baby Bubble Store

Baby Wood Cotton Doll Crib Bed Rattles

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The Baby Music Crib Bells are made of wood, cotton environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and durable that ensure your baby's safety. It helps quickly catch your baby's attention and calm your baby's mood. It also gives your child a warm sleeping environment. It does not noise when shaking. The Wooden Musical Bed Cradle is visible when your baby opens his eyes. It is especially important for babies relaxation, calm while he crying.

The Baby Bed Rattles Set features musical, wooden rattle, Montessori toys, pacifier chain, doll shape. The Doll Pattern Bed Crib Rattles are more attractive to the baby. It comes with a variety of sound modes, such as lullaby, dynamic melody, natural sounds, and cheerful music, it helps to animate your baby's hearing development. You can keep it on the floor or near the bed where you staying.


  • Material: Wood, cotton
  • Shape: Doll 
  • Features: Musical, SOFT, Stuffed
  • Dimensions: picture
  • Applicable: Baby
  • Type: Baby Wood rattle
  • Item: Rattle set


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