Babies Fruit Feeder Pacifier

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Babies Fruit Feeder Pacifier

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Fruit Food Feeder Pacifier

Our Baby Food Feeder makes your baby’s feeding convenient. Provide your child with new foods without any choking risks. Nipples are perfect for different foods except for liquids.

This baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier is simply introduced new foods to your kid without the risk of choking due to food pieces not being cut little enough and provide the child's teething relief by easing sore gums at the same time

This Silicone Baby Bottle that you will get as a gift provides you with a clean and convenient way to feed your baby using a single hand. The bottle can be used for baby foods, milk, medicine, juice, fresh and frozen fruits, yogurt, ice, and breast milk. and etc. It reduces your baby's aching itchy gums and improves build-up mouth muscle at the same time.

This Infant Food Feeder is easy to carry in a bag when you take a walk with your baby. The only thing you need to is wash in hot soapy water or boil to sterilize. with your baby.The only thing you need to is wash in hot soapy water or boil to sterilize.


  • Holds fresh fruit or other food
  • Soft, silicone mesh is safe for a baby's mouth, teeth, and gums
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Snap-on storage cap
  • BPA-free
  • Cute, colorful design
  • Package Includes the 3 nipple sizes: S - age 0-3 months; M - age 3-6 months; L - age 6+ months
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