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Safe Newborn Baby Crib Hammock

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Our Baby Crib Sleeping Hammock will lead your baby hammock to sleep fast and securely. It helps your baby's head, neck, and back like as in mom's uterus, the baby can feel like as in mom's embrace. It's very simple to attach the four adjustable straps to stable corner posts to create a firm, hanging sleep bed. The Adjustable Newborn Baby Hammock resembles a mother's womb as it keeps your baby extremely comfortable and safe.

Portable Newborn Baby Crib Hammock is an excellent option for your own baby or an expectant mother, it makes a smart push, maternity, or baby shower gift. Infant Hammock Sleeping Bed can decrease the risk of a flat head syndrome, giving your baby a soft air to let their head rest, rather than hard mattresses. also perfect for baby nursery, living room, bedroom, basement, spare room, sunroom, patio, backyard, and more.


  • Size: 116*76cm (Sling can be adjusted) 


  • This newborn hammock attaches to your baby's crib and is made to help reduce the environmental risk factors associated with SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 
  • Can promote healthy development for babies and recreate the posture they'd be in while in your embrace. 
  • The crib hammock also reduces the risk of flat head syndrome by giving a softer air-like property for your baby to rest their head-on. 
  • It also helps with other things like maintaining a healthy spinal curve, reducing startle reflex.


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We upgrade the material, it's softer and appears brighter color. We also upgrade the buckle, it's more Firm to keep the baby safe.

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