SleepEasy® Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow

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SleepEasy® Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow

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SleepEasy® Baby Pillow prevent and fix baby’s flat head!

SleepEasy® Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow is a great help in the prevention and correction of baby’s flat head (Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly). 

The structure of SleepEasy® helps your baby's head to grow in a natural shape while allowing them to turn from side to side. This pillow helps reinforce neck muscles and reduce side preference.

HOW SleepEasy® Works?

The mechanical curve designed shape and unique structure of SleepEasy® supports your baby's head shape, reduces pressure by 400% and encourages healthy head movement so your baby can have a comfortable sleep.

It has a wide range of benefits and is becoming increasingly recommended by Paediatricians and Craniofacial Experts.

Support Head & Spine Growth

Parents 1st Choice!

The SleepEasy® Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow with its open cell structure made with Natural Latex Particles, is also 100% breathable.

For your baby's comfort and safety, it is hypo-allergenic, pH balanced, toxin and formaldehyde free, perfect for your baby.


What makes the SleepEasy® Baby Pillow the Best?

  • Effective in the treatment and prevention of flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly)
  • Recommended by Doctors and Specialists
  • Oekotex 100 class 1 Certified
  • Breathable (Made with Latex Particles)
  • Comfortable, soft and compact
  • Safe 
  • Hygienic, anti-allergic & toxin free
  • Machine washable and quick drying
  • Washable Cover (Organic Cotton), gentle with your baby skin


*Limited time only!

Nothing is more Precious than your Baby!

Suitable: 0-6 Months

Pillow Size: H: 26cm x W: 26cm 

Oeko-Tex Certified


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