Anti-mosquito Baby Bracelet

Anti-mosquito Baby Bracelet

Anti-mosquito Baby Bracelet

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Baby Repellent  Bracelet

This Anti-mosquito Baby Bracelet insect repellent bracelet is a truly natural method that no more mosquito fire coils, no more electricity mosquito killer, no more cream lotion, get these bracelets like getting a shield that you will be sure. The refill is replaceable, you can keep the bracelet reusable just replace the refill. Each reusable bracelet is in a sealed travel bag, you can put Natural Mosquito Repellent Bands 
back in the package after use to keep fresh and continue life.

There are no limits of good design for waterproof rings that you can enjoy swimming, playing water, or washing. A quick mosquito-biting solution for your day and night. these mosquito repellent bands are very practical and effective for indoor and outdoor activities.
This Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Perfect for working, reading, studying, watching TV, sleeping, gardening, swimming, walking, running, golfing, grilling, picnics, camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, traveling, etc.
Package Included: 1x Mosquito Repellent Silicone Wristband

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